About Fall River Rustics

Fall River Rustics started with a class through the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in Ketchum, Idaho.

A week long Build a Willow Chair class with instructor and willow worker extraordinaire Don King from Challis Idaho was the seed. It was in September of 2001 and included the infamous 9/11/01 -- it's where I was when . . . and what a fabulous place to be and creative endeavor to be involved in during such a horrible event!! I have my first chair in our living room -- including chew marks from our chocolate lab pup.

I was immediately hooked -- I had been waiting about 2 years for the class from Don and in fact bagged out on a family reunion with cousins coming from England -- it meant that much to me -- because I DO like my family : ).

After bumbling through a few more chairs I realized I wanted more training and found a class at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. It was a 12 week intensive fine furniture building course and I loved every minute of it. What a great way to learn -- other side of the country from Idaho -- February through May in Maine (dark and snowy) -- a 12 week sabbatical with not even a dog to feed!!! My husband shipped the bills to me every couple of weeks and that was my only responsibility other than learning and wood working. I knew at the time I would not have such glorious uninterrupted time again so I devoured every day in the wood shop.

I now have an wonderful wood shop on the Fall River outside of Ashton, Idaho with a great view of the Tetons and 300 weed eating goats frolicking outside my door and windows -- see Goat Mountain Ranch. I sell my furniture mostly through Art Fairs .

No two pieces are exactly the same as the sticks have their own shapes. I love what I make -- I love the hunting for the willow and other "stick" woods that I use -- even in the winter on snowshoes it's a great day "at work". I look forward to building something special for you.

Dede Draper